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About Us

GazeCode is an online programming learning platform. We provide a platform to help students access online lectures, an online programming practice environment.


We always listen to feedback from users daily and update more complete features for this product

Agile learning

Approaching a new learning method, built on the Agile Scrum model

Entry testing

Take the quiz to evaluate and choose the right courses and routes


Communicate directly with other students about lectures, practical projects

Study With Me

Create your own classroom and join ongoing online classes

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Take on quests, complete challenges, and achieve great goals in the process of conquering technology

Zero starting

Start learning programming from any level

Tech Community

Join a programming forum dedicated to Vietnamese people


Choose and follow the right journey on the way to becoming an expert in programming

Our Partner

Slitigenz is a strategic outsourcing partner of GazeCode. They have supported us with all the necessary resources to build and develop this product.
Slitigenz team
With a team of highly qualified and skilled lecturers, UET ACADEMY has supported us to carry out many in-depth and useful lectures for GazeCode's student community.
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